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Jimmy Trap

Berlin-based artist Dimitrios Paghidas aka Jimmy Trap recently released a collection of digital and tape recordings named “Fast Afternoon Collection” which he recorded from May through December in 2013.
It’s his third album and it features eight gems of lo-fi electronica ranging from rhythmic and playful melodic tunes to slightly more experimental electronic music, often using modified voices, multi-layered synth textures and sound effects.

More of his music can be found on Jimmy Traps Bandcamp and on Soundcloud….don’t miss out!!

Jimmy Trap on Facebook

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4-4-2 Music writes: After a hiatus which saw them head of into their own projects and new collaborations, the dream electro-pop of Berlin/Austin TX duo, Lipstick, is back. With a firm foundation in house and an ability to nail melodies that worm their ways into your brain, these 4 new tracks roll along in bubbles and blips so you never quite notice the quiet subversion of the lyrics. And, there is more to come – the EP being but a warm up to a d├ębut album which will see the light of day in the near future. For now, enjoy the bliss.

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More greatness by Vienna based producer Gerd Pober. Check out some improvised tunes by Poge Project!!

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Poge Project

Here’s some great music from Vienna, Austria:

Poge Project


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