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Elyt10: Torin Bell – Rain EP

Electrolyt proudly presents
Torin Bell[elyt10] Rain Ep

elyt10 Rain EP


01_Fog 2



complete release as .zip file:

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Rain EP by alternative hip hop/electronica producer Torin Bell, is a collection of three short instrumentals filled with peace, tranquility and joy. The relaxed, unhurried pace of the music, playful melodies and unique chord progressions, definitely make you take a break and catch the moment. Amazing tunes that stay with you long after listening.

“The project is centered around water and each track uses the rain within it’s backdrop to provide a soothing white noise alongside various synth waves to create the coming and going of the rain in the spring.
I wanted to create a atmosphere of peace and the rain usually helps in doing so.”(Torin Bell)

released June 6, 2017
All music is produced by Torin Bell
Rock Hill, South Carolina, 2016

Cover design by Susana Licéaga

[elyt10] ccElectrolyt2017

Creative Commons License
Torin Bell – Rain EP [elyt10] by Torin Bell is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Germany License


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