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Elyt07: Falk – America Ep

Electrolyt proudly presents

Falk – America EP

Falk-America EP, Elyt07, electrolyt.net, small, cover artwork
(click picture to download complete cover artwork)

01_Schatten Der Liebe 5:01min | 13.0 MB

02_America 4:15min | 11.3 MB

03_Errorline 4:39min | 12.2 MB

04_Urban Chaos 5:53min | 15.1 MB

05_Endorphin 6:55min | 17.4 MB

complete release as .zip file:
[elyt07]Falk_-_America_EP.zip |65.8 MB

in the shadow of love, filtered voice-like sounds are floating through nocturnal spheres. a broken beat transports obscure yet sweet synth lines. a mellow opener with an euphoric glimmer. schatten der liebe.

a tight electro beat introduces us to harsh synth sounds and piercing melody snippets. sometimes dark, always tense. euphoria is never out of sight. america.

modulated chords and multi-surfaced layers give space to urban sounds. driven by fast paced beats, an army of sax players at midnight is trying to reach its audience. telephones are ringing and no one picks up. error line.

funky bass lines, kicking drums and whipping claps play with us and pull us right on the dance floor. house music par excellence. urban chaos has just begun.

pushed by a morphed growling bass and stoic drums. a playful melody slowly falls into place, gets twisted and twirled and rises sky high. endorphin.

file under: House, Electro, Electronica, OldSchool, Abstract

Falk – America Ep is written and produced by Falk Golz.
Mastered by Electrodrame at PeiFco Studios, USA.
Cover artwork by SuSu Graphic.
Please also visit Falk at
myspace.com/fagoapril and myspace.com/520364519

Creative Commons License
[elyt07]America Ep by Falk is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Germany License.


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