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Karbidangeln Mit Aurica on Electrolyt

After just over 2 years, the Electrolyt Netlabel returns with its sixth release Glacial Series by Karbidangeln Mit Aurica.
Berlin resident Aurica Kurtuschin presents seven rare tracks of previously unreleased material produced over the past decade.
Electronica lovers certainly will remember Karbidangeln Mit Aurica from her tracks In This World and Hypotenuse, released on the Berlin elektro label Das Drehmoment.
Aurica’s music is fueled by love, disarming honesty, a fine sense of humor and a great deal of wisdom not buying into the madness of the mainstream hype.
Glacial Series features the finest living room electronica with elements of synth pop, drone and industrial, as well as ambient, post-punk and experimental. The songs are held together by Aurica Kurtuschin’s distinctive and hypnotic voice, haunting melodies and steady pulsating beats. Electrolyt is ecstatic about Glacial Series, as we believe you definitely will be to.
And as Aurica would say, “Make your own universe..but make it a good one!”

karbidangeln mit aurica

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please also visit Karbidangeln Mit Aurica on her myspace site.



  • david attic
    March 24, 2010 - 12:37 pm | Permalink

    i really like this release a lot, now i’ll have to check out more of her material. thanks for posting this :)

    p.s. come out with more Lipstick!

  • electrolyt
    November 1, 2016 - 11:10 am | Permalink

    somehow wordpress never notified me about this comment, so i saw it just right now….gosh….
    thank you very much, david! aurica has some more great music uploaded on her soundcloud page!!

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