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Elyt09: Kid Schurke & Brain Hall – Haen Zikum Ulus

Electrolyt proudly presents
Kid Schurke & Brain HallHaen Zikum Ulus

Artwork [elyt09] Haen Zikum Ulus by Susana Licéaga


01_Schneider am Apparat

02_Als ich alles wusste

03_Tor 109


05_Zurueck in Zuerich

complete release as .zip file:

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Track descriptions:

Schneider am Apparat – A nervous breakbeat accompanied by subsonic drones, feedbacks and sawing sequences.
Like if ecstatic robotic heartbeats meet and synchronize for mechanical dreams proceed to take over. Even robots can love.

Als ich alles wusste – A ethereal motif creates a tension by constant repetition, which accumulates in a tight beat, uproaring basses and noise escapades to then disappear into nothing. Blurred images flash in front of your eyes. What do you see?

Tor 109 – The drifting groove of Tor 109 is plucking stoicly in a sea of ​​almost endless sound layers. It’s sizzling and bubbling everywhere. The sound gyrates around in spiral shape constantly synthesizing into new morphing shapes.

Orchestertechnik – A staccato and sonic vibration is driving you into a taunting drum beat. Explore the sights as the high hat taps and electronic purring seduces you making your head bounce.

Zurueck in Zuerich – A pulsating bass layer drives through diverse soundscapes, like a drunken caterpillar whose feet run simultaneously wild. He takes you for a ride through the static jungle, making noise as his body brushes on the bark and brush.

released February 24th, 2017

Kid Schurke & Brain Hall – Haen Zikum Ulus
is produced, mixed and mastered by
Kid Schurke (Roman Schürch) and Brain Hall (Andreas Glauser)
at Brainhall Studio Zürich, Switzerland, 2016.
Artwork by Susana Licéaga
ccElectrolyt 2017

Creative Commons License
Kid Schurke & Brain Hall – Haen Zikum Ulus [elyt09] by Roman Schürch/Andreas Glauser is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Germany License


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