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eleven more days….

preparations for seek and destroy are almost done.
planned release date is october 31!


seek and destroy – faqs

am i supposed to do a metallica cover version?


is there any money involved?

no! everything released on electrolyt is put under a non commercial creative commons license. all tracks will be available for free download.

what’s this thing with interpreting the theme?

well, just get inspired by the title, keep it in in the back of your head.
what are your associations? the feelings you have? caught a vibe?

should the music i contribute be extremely hard or noisy?

not necessarily. if you usually don’t make hard or extreme music, why would you for this compilation? what really matters to us is whether your music is heartfelt and sincere.
one title. three words: seek and destroy.
have fun!

interruption, destruction…then i came to relax on the beach…


seek and destroy

electrolyt will put together a compilation with the theme seek and destroy .
artists are welcome to interpret the theme and make us listen to the results.
our favorites will be released on the electrolyt netlabel!
deadline for submissions is september 15th.
please contact us here or via
and tell us where we can listen to your music and/o
r download it.
we’re looking forward to it!!

update october 7th: submissions are now closed. stay tuned for further info!!


november 17th – telafonica live

w/ techromance & rafa godoy

orange grove hotel
311 balmain rd leichardt
sydney, australia

starting: 9 pm
cover: $ 8


21.06. fete de la musique

outdoors (start 16h):

b-funk (mdz)
stupid muzak (mdz)
raumagent alpha vs. lipstick dj-team (festplatten, mdz, electrolyt)

indoors (23h):

anarki (barfuss)
erik panzer (barfuss)
dr dehghani (gmt, freundeberlin’s)
martin ez (patentblau)
daniel vangue (patentblau)

phb berlin, landsberger allee 54, berlin-friedrichshain

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