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Jimmy Trap

Berlin-based artist Dimitrios Paghidas aka Jimmy Trap recently released a collection of digital and tape recordings named “Fast Afternoon Collection” which he recorded from May through December in 2013.
It’s his third album and it features eight gems of lo-fi electronica ranging from rhythmic and playful melodic tunes to slightly more experimental electronic music, often using modified voices, multi-layered synth textures and sound effects.

More of his music can be found on Jimmy Traps Bandcamp and on Soundcloud….don’t miss out!!

Jimmy Trap on Facebook


Media Monster Ep by Lipstick now available on 4-4-2 Music

4-4-2 Music writes: After a hiatus which saw them head of into their own projects and new collaborations, the dream electro-pop of Berlin/Austin TX duo, Lipstick, is back. With a firm foundation in house and an ability to nail melodies that worm their ways into your brain, these 4 new tracks roll along in bubbles and blips so you never quite notice the quiet subversion of the lyrics. And, there is more to come – the EP being but a warm up to a début album which will see the light of day in the near future. For now, enjoy the bliss.


Schrumpfschlauch this friday!!

the notorious Schrumpfschlauch , who released their track strap-ons of mass distraction on the last electrolyt release v.a. – seek and destroy will perform live this friday, march 28th at villa, berlin, home of the monthly 19-zoll stammtisch.
next to Schrumpfschlauch, there will be other solo performances as well as a concert by the Stammtisch Orchester, a gigantic ensemble of various artists using only hardware electronic instruments including lots of DIY stuff and no laptops…
definitely a must see!
for more info and complete line-up please click here!

stammtisch orchester

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