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electric music for electric people

Lipstick – Escape To Mars [elyt08]

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telafonica - morpheme e.p. telafonica – morpheme ep (elyt04)

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telafonica/lipstick - split telafonica/lipstick – one&one (elyt02)

lipstick - little love e.p. lipstick – little love ep (elyt01)




http://www.tonmagnet.de wrote about telafonica/lipstick – one & one [elyt02]:

Diese EP bietet die passende Hintergrundbeschallung für die späteren Stunden. Wenn das Blut voller löslicher Stoffe ist und die Crowd gemeinsam den Beat gefunden hat, dann ist der richtige Auftritt der in gleichen Teilen minimalistisch wie poppigen Tracks. Gerade “One And One” sollte in derartiger Situation einen tiefen Eindruck hinterlassen. Man fühlt sich an die Popscheiben der frühen 90er erinnert.


Telafonica/Lipstick – One & One (elyt02)

electrolyt presents

Telafonica/Lipstick – One & One


(click titles to download)

01 lipstick – air is sweet 6:29 min

02 lipstick – air is sweet (telafonica mix) 6:29 min

03 telafonica – one and one 7:34 min

04 telafonica – one and one (lipstick mix) 6:44 min

elyt02 as .zip file: telafonica/lipstick – one & one

lipstick – air is sweet…a sparkling oasis in the middle of a vast desert on a 120 degrees Fahrenheit day…this is where i find myself when i hear air is sweet. soft and tender female vocals from over a crispy driven beat. set up your hammock under the palm trees and enjoy the whispering wind. i can stay forever.

air is sweet – telafonica mix…when atoms explode…this remix is an explosion of excitement! a breakbeat firecracker version of air is sweet.

telafonica – one and one…like a snake charmer hypnotizing his snake out of a basket…with rough and housy elements this song takes a wild twist toward the end! simply seductive, a burner.

one and one – lipstick mix…woah! hold on, gotta listen to that again. very surreal & definitely hypnotic with a building drive. a real tease!

01, 02 written and produced by krystal bell & andreas dorwarth .
02 remixed by telafonica.
03, 04 written and produced by adrian elmer, david hughes, marcella hughes .
mixed and recorded by kim van der aa.
04 remixed by lipstick.
all tracks mastered by florian malicke.
cover picture by david hughes.
telafonica – one and one is also available on telafonica’s album morpheme (4-4-2 music).

Creative Commons License

some rights reserved.


lipstick/telafonica split ep….

elyt02, a split ep featuring tracks and remixes by telafonica and lipstick is on its way there…..stay tuned.

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