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electric music for electric people

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Cracks – Different Cities (elyt03)

electrolyt proudly presents

CracksDifferent Cities

elyt03_cover by krystal bell

(click titles to download)

01_colder 4:14 min
02_different cities 4:09 min
03_resolver 3:54 min
04_vhs duplication blues 5:13 min
05_capture 5:09 min

complete ep as .zip file:
elyt03_cracks_different_cities.zip 31.3 mb

colder – outside, falling snowflakes cover the meadow in white, the wind blows, and piles of glittering ice crystals reunite to tell their secrets.
steamy sounding drums with beautiful chimes, fat bass and whispering male vocals.

different cities – late at night, you stand at a bus station in big city you don’t know. everything seems way too quiet…then some dark looking man, with a hat and serious look, drives up in a black ford 1960 galaxie town sedan and tells you to get in or else…
this whipping snare and hypnotic beat pull you on the dancefloor.

resolver – there’s a whispering in your ear coming from nowhere. you stop and listen, this distraction becomes a delight, unfolding a rhythm, a transparent beat formation. wake up…

vhs duplication blues – you find a video cassette you’d love to copy. on the back there’s a short description about the film but somehow half way through reading it you start to feel dizzy and your vision starts to blur.
breakbeats play with a melody madness, strings and fuzzy sounds.

capture – you are diving, seeing the vast subterraneous surface deep in the ocean for the first time, time stands still. you feel surrounded but you are not afraid and suddenly the voice of your subconscious speaks…what did you say?

all songs written, recorded, mixed by brad crowe at the dubb refinery, ottawa, canada between february and september, 2005.
mastered by ron schneider at mdz studios, berlin.
cover artwork by krystal bell, 2005.

Creative Commons License
cracks -different cities by brad crowe aka cracks is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 Canada License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://www.electrolyt.net.

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