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Tunes from the parallel universe

Netwaves from Belgium put together a beautiful selection of ‘lipstick compatible tunes from the parallel universe’ featuring Highspeed Racer by Lipstick from their most recent release on Electrolyt as well as great tracks by Noston, mind Synopsis, The Cow Goes Moo, That Field Of Red Flowers Is Actually A Grass Fire, Ambelion, Feminine, Tracing Arcs and Smooth. Enjoy!

[nws386]netwaves 11.11:lipstick on your radio:


Highspeed Racer videoclip by TheIDMMaster

Youtube channel TheIDMMaster recently made a very nice video clip for Highspeed Racer by Lipstick.
The mystic, meditative clip portraits pictures from ancient Egypt, beautiful flowers, a light meditation, a mysterious cathedral, fractals and the infinitive beauty of nature and the universe. Merci beaucoup!

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