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Listen to a beautiful and spring-like podcast by Machtdose

Berlin and Frankfurt based music blog Machtdose recently published a new podcast featuring beautiful and early-spring-like music by Rowan, The Blank String Sexted, Lucy Miller, Bahasa Malay, Indira Chang, Crysta Patterson, Son Step, Nuages, Laptop Funeral, Birocratic, Special Q, Desired and Kid Schurke & Brain Hall with their tune “Als ich alles wusste“. 55 minutes. Perfect in the morning with your windows open, catching the vibe of this early spring.


Heartfelt FM

Update September 2016: Unfortunately Soundcloud canceled all groups,
which means that our beloved Heartfelt FM is no longer available :(
We will continue to repost stuff we like on Soundcloud on our page though.

The Heartfelt FM group on Soundcloud is was moderated by Vitorrio Brooks, Teimer and Electrolyt.

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