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Elyt02: Telafonica/ Lipstick – One & One

electrolyt presents

Telafonica/Lipstick – One & One


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01 lipstick – air is sweet 6:29 min

02 lipstick – air is sweet (telafonica mix) 6:29 min

03 telafonica – one and one 7:34 min

04 telafonica – one and one (lipstick mix) 6:44 min

elyt02 as .zip file: telafonica/lipstick – one & one

lipstick – air is sweet…a sparkling oasis in the middle of a vast desert on a 120 degrees Fahrenheit day…this is where i find myself when i hear air is sweet. soft and tender female vocals from over a crispy driven beat. set up your hammock under the palm trees and enjoy the whispering wind. i can stay forever.

air is sweet – telafonica mix…when atoms explode…this remix is an explosion of excitement! a breakbeat firecracker version of air is sweet.

telafonica – one and one…like a snake charmer hypnotizing his snake out of a basket…with rough and housy elements this song takes a wild twist toward the end! simply seductive, a burner.

one and one – lipstick mix…woah! hold on, gotta listen to that again. very surreal & definitely hypnotic with a building drive. a real tease!

01, 02 written and produced by krystal bell & andreas dorwarth .
02 remixed by telafonica.
03, 04 written and produced by adrian elmer, david hughes, marcella hughes .
mixed and recorded by kim van der aa.
04 remixed by lipstick.
all tracks mastered by florian malicke.
cover picture by david hughes.
telafonica – one and one is also available on telafonica’s album morpheme (4-4-2 music).

Creative Commons License

some rights reserved.


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