Media Monster reviewed by Cyclic Defrost

Australian independent music magazine Cyclic Defrost wrote about Media Monster:
“Following the release of 2005′s split-release alongside Telafonica ‘One & One’, Berlin-based electro / house duo Andreas Dorwarth and Krystal Bell went on to put their Lipstick project on hiatus for the next several years while they both pursued other projects. Eight years on, this download-only EP on Sydney label 4-4-2 ‘Media Monster’ sees them reactivating and offering up four new tracks that lean distinctly towards the sheenier, pop-tinged end of the dancefloor. Opener ‘Night’ sees Bell contributing a slightly husky purr to a backdrop of glittering electro synth arpeggios, dubbed out washes and crisp house handclaps that at points calls to mind a more streamlined tech-y take on La Roux’s detached soul.

By contrast, ‘Media Monster’ gets darker and more stripped back, sending harsh distorted snare bursts crashing beneath shimmering soul keys, the pneumatic snares tightening up around a pensive analogue bassline as glittering robotic bleeps drift in and out of the mix. Elsewhere, ‘Genetically Engineered’ kicks off with a gentle downbeat electro wander that gradually accelerates into into streamlined tech-house suggestive of Metro Area’s night-drive glide, the airy analogue synth trails nicely balancing out the thumping kickdrums that power below. As classy pop-centred tech-house goes, this is pretty nice – and apparently there’s a full album on the way from Lipstick too.”(by Chris Downton/Cyclic Defrost)